Largest Flat Screen TV In The World: 152 Inch Panasonic Full HD Plasma Television

Many people are curious to know, what is the biggest flat screen TV in the world or the largest flat screen TV in the world. Apex has written about world's largest Panasonic Plasma Flat Screen Television saying it was 150 inches big couple of years before, when Panasonic announced about this giant TV. While that article has some interesting facts about this TV is has some factual errors in the light of the launch of the actual TV which turned out to be not 150 inches but a 152 inch plasma flat screen TV!

According to Panasonic Corporation official press released this giant television is now available for sale though I don't know anyone who has bought it. (said to be around US $120,000) If that too much expensive look at the TV specification. This TV is the world’s first Ultra-Large Full HD and 4K 3D Professional PDP. The displays include the world’s largest 152-inch plasma flat screen.

You don't get a bigger TV display any where on the planet. That's something to own for some people but Panasonic's aim with this large TV is not only setting a Guinness world record for world's largest flat screen television. They are marketing digital plasma giant as a presentation TV screen and HD display instead of using large LED display screens or color computer projectors. Good for the director board room to make an impression to dignitaries and business associates!

Panasonic's 103 inch plasma flat screen television Vs. Panasonic 85 inch flat screen plasma television side by side photograph. See the size of the screen against the girl. She's probably 5.6 inches or more. Then the screens height!

Closer snapshot of the 85 inch Panasonic plasma flat HD display.

Panasonic is also aggressively marketing two other large TV product models together with the world's largest TV and in size they are only second and third to their big brother. Those are the plasma Panasonic 103 inch flat screen television with Full HD model in 2006 and the smaller Panasonic 85 inch large plasma flat screen television model launched in 2009. Both these TV's have been widely praised for meeting the needs of a wide range of professional customers in applications such as digital signage and business presentation monitors. This popularity allowed has allowed Panasonic to achieve No. 1 share in the global professional flat panel TV display market in the Panasonic fiscal year ended March 2010.
The 103 inch Panasonic flat HD TV.

Now, the professional 152 inch flat screen Full HD 3D PDPs provides high quality Full HD 3D video on the world’s largest scale for a direct-view display, as well as ultra-high picture quality 2D displays.  Speaking about how the largest flat screen TV, Panasonic says to develop the 152 inch TV as well as the 103 inch TV and 85 inch TV, Panasonic had to research and advance their unique technologies employed in its VIERA Full HD 3D plasma televisions that were launched in the consumer market in 2010. According to Panasonic the technologies used include an industry-highest native contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1 for overwhelming black reproduction; a high speed driving technology to achieve the PDP’s full moving picture resolution; and a crosstalk reduction technology, a crucial requirement for producing clear and crisp 3D images. 

(Image & Infomation Source: Akihabara News)

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Tiago said...
August 24, 2013 at 10:00 PM

The funny thing is that today TVs are becoming less popular than before because of the overwhelming offer found on the internet for entertainment. None of my friends have TV at home. On my last summer I traveled to Buenos Aires, on my 4rent Argentina appartment there was an amazing TV but I hadn´t turn on in the hole month I stayed there.

Alen said...
April 21, 2014 at 8:48 PM

oh my God,
that is very wonderful television with large screen,
i want it to play the new PS4 games, woud be interesting :-)

Md. Asif Rabbi said...
April 25, 2014 at 12:02 PM

Very Informative Post. Thanks for sharing.

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